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Rigorous training and discipline are essential for perfecting any craft.

Grounded by his personal faith, Samuel leads with conviction and purpose. He embodies the epitome of leadership by setting a remarkable example that inspires and empowers his team to thrive alongside him.

His numerous accolades, including achievements in MDRT, COT and TOT not only attest to his personal success but also serve as a guiding pathway for his team to follow and surpass their own goals. For one, he achieved his MDRT just 16 days after transitioning from the banking industry to Manulife Financial Advisers.

Samuel’s leadership style serves as a catalyst, empowering his team to embrace challenges, learn from setbacks, and constantly evolve as individuals and professionals.


True nobility is being superior to your former self.

Samuel’s formative years were shaped by his unwavering drive and competitive spirit, evident through his dedicated training as a professional Wushu Martial Artist and active participation in numerous competitions such as the SEA Games in 2009 and 2011 where he took home silver and bronze medals.

These experiences instilled in him the fundamental principles of discipline, relentless determination, and unwavering commitment, which have profoundly influenced his personal and professional growth. Today, Samuel imbues his team with these invaluable qualities, emphasising that success is not merely a destination but a fulfilling journey.


OCBC - Premier Team Manager

  • OCBC Million Dollar Revenue Achiever 2015
  • OCBC Pinnacle Award 2012 – 2016
  • OCBC TOP Personal Onshore Rookie 2012
  • OCBC TOP Premier Onshore Rookie 2015
  • OCBC Achievers Club 2012 – 2016

Manulife Financial Advisers - Branch Director

  • 2017 Million Dollar Round Table Qualifier
  • 2018 Court of Table Qualifier
  • 2019 Million Dollar Round Table Qualifier
  • 2020 Court of Table Qualifier
  • 2021 Top Assistant Vice President Award
  • 2021 Court of Table Qualifier
  • 2022 Top Unit Recruiter – 1st Runner up
  • 2022 Top of Table Qualifier



 Arielle Lee

 Assistant Vice President

Nothing is impossible – as long as you dare to dream it and work for it.

Arielle has an exceptional ability to balance fun and work, making her a holistic leader.

Within 1.5 years of entering the industry, Arielle purchased a private property, years ahead of her peers.  She has also successfully boosted well-achieved MDRT qualifiers in 2022 and 2023.

With the goal to build a strong word-of-mouth referral system and be on top of mind for all her clients, Arielle is determined to position herself as a trusted dependable individual whom her clients are proud to share with their loved ones. 

Deemed the perfect role model, Arielle strives to unlock opportunities for career growth, stability, and a big ticket to financial freedom for her team.


• Certified Will Planner

• MDRT Qualifier


2024, 2023, 2022, 2021, 2020


 Arun Vinoth

 Assistant Vice President

Trust the process, put in the effort, and you will reap the benefits.

Prior to the financial services industry, Vinoth had a distinguished military career, having served as an officer in the SAF for more than 7 years, and as a military scholar, graduated as valedictorian with a degree in bioengineering.

With a passion for financial services, he took the leap of faith and switched careers. Vinoth’s drive and ambition is evident in the fact that he achieved his MDRT within 3 months of joining the industry.

To constantly grow, Vinoth believes in challenging himself and pushing himself to the limits. He is also an advocate of courage and risk-taking, and believes that with hard work and dedication, anything is possible.

Driven by the mission to redefine financial advisory, Vinoth hopes to lead a successful and strong agency that stands out from the rest.


• Certified in General Insurance

• COT Qualifier

• MDRT Qualifier



   2023, 2022, 2021, 2020


Kendrick Ng

 Assistant Vice President

Just do it. The only thing you will lose to yourself is time.

Coming from an elite military background, Kendrick is always looking to take on new challenges in this career that has allowed him to enjoy financial freedom.

Constantly driven to enhance his knowledge and expertise, Kendrick is particularly influenced by the works of Simon Sinek. Therefore, he has an impressive track record of success with clients, often acquiring them through cold market strategies. As a sincere and charismatic individual, he is able to understand and relate to clients, allowing him to build strong, lasting relationships with them.

As a firm believer of the pro-growth environment, he is looking to mentor and build the next generation of leaders in the field and groom a team of MDRT personnel in the next few years.


• Certified in General Insurance

• COT Qualifier

• MDRT Qualifier



   2022, 2021


 Jane Chia

 Assistant Vice President

Have the heart to grow and help others meaningfully.

Jane is a go-getter with an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. With an open and big heart, Jane is passionate about helping people and strives to lead her team to success.

As a firm believer that nothing is impossible as long as you have a positive attitude, Jane has achieved exponential growth in her career and has evolved into an exceptional leader. 

She also believes in having fun while working hard. You will find her socialising and fostering relationships with her colleagues, showing them that she genuinely cares about them and building trust.

Hence, she hopes to build her team into a close-knit family of financial planners, and looks forward to a meaningful retirement at the end of her career.


• Certified Will Planner 
• Certified in General Insurance 
• MDRT Qualifier   2024, 2023, 2021

 Preston Chong

 Assistant Vice President

Deeds, not declarations, help define your personal greatness. 

Preston is known for his meticulous work ethic, sharp intellect, and profound depth of knowledge within the dynamic realms of finance and investment.

In his view, each day presents an opportunity for growth and fulfillment, a philosophy that drives him to optimize his time and ensure that every moment is purposeful and productive.

Looking ahead, Preston envisions assembling a team of exceptional individuals, each possessing unique talents and expertise. As a leader, he is dedicated to cultivating an environment of collaboration and empowerment, leveraging his wealth of knowledge and efficient systems to propel his team members toward unparalleled achievements.

With his visionary leadership, Preston sets the stage for a future where excellence is not just a goal but a standard upheld by all who join him on the path to success



Daniel Lim

 Assistant Vice President

Dream as if you’ll live forever. Live as if you’ll die tomorrow.

Daniel has been in the Banking and Financial Services industry since graduation from NUS in 2012. He has held various appointments including, Senior Personal Banker (UOB), Branch Business Manager (UOB), Priority Banking RM (Standard Chartered) and Senior Centre Manager (Income). 

Daniel believes that success occurs when opportunity meets preparation. Therefore, he advocates bespoke and “tailor-made” training, effectively curated to the unique strengths and requirements of each advisor. He also encourages advisors to constantly upskill their own professional and industry knowledge to continuously provide high quality financial advice for their clients.

As a practitioner himself, Daniel believes that trust is paramount in every Client – Advisor relationship. He stands by the mantra that clients’ trust can only be built if one demonstrates to be reliable in their actions and credible in their words. He spares no effort in providing the very best service and financial advice for his clients.




Kenzo Chong

 Assistant Vice President

Be faithful in the little things. Through this, you will be faithful in the large ones.

Kenzo is a multifaceted individual who excels both in the competitive realm of powerlifting and in the dynamic field of financial advisory. Since 2017, he has dominated the powerlifting arena, earning numerous national medals, including 2nd place at the 2024 Powerlifting Nationals. Notably, he has a knack for recruiting athletes, reflecting his esteemed reputation within the powerlifting community.

In financial advisory, Kenzo swiftly rose to prominence, earning titles like Top Agency Consultant and Top Rookie Consultant. His consistent excellence has been recognized by his induction into the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) in 2022-2024. Right now, he balances client acquisition and team expansion, mentoring 4 associates with plans to double the team this year.

Kenzo’s dedication and strategic prowess drive his success in both powerlifting and financial advisory, reflecting his commitment to excellence.


• MDRT Qualifier



               2024, 2023, 2022



Tony Tan

 Assistant Vice President

The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today.

Tony is a highly sociable individual with a vast network of SME proprietors in Singapore.

With 18 years in the financial advisory sphere, he commenced his career in banking in 2006 with esteemed institutions such as Standard Chartered Bank and United Overseas Bank. He then transitioned to a role as a full-fledged financial consultant in 2009.

Having led a proficient team of MDRTs, COTs, and TOTs, Tony draws inspiration from his favorite team sport, soccer, where he manages his team with a blend of patience whilst instilling commitment to high ambition.

His success in developing financial consultants from banking backgrounds highlights his effective leadership. Furthermore, Tony firmly believes in the collective triumph of the team, emphasising that their success reflects positively on the entire team’s performance, thus signalling his own achievements as a leader.





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These values form the bedrock of our organisational ethos:

What sets SKYS apart is our culture of growth and collaborative synergy, which fosters an environment where individuals can become the best version of themselves. Paired with a sustainable business model that creates lasting value for our clients, we pride ourselves to be an elite and result-driven organisation, constantly striving for excellence and raising the bar in our industry.



Caleb Cai

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