The Chinese New Year reunion lunch at Peach Blossom was a remarkable success as the SKYS Division came together to celebrate the occasion. With a gorgeously decorated interior and festive atmosphere, it was a splendid afternoon spent as a team.

The event featured a scrumptious 7-course feast and bountiful Lohei spread, integral parts of any Chinese New Year celebration. Together, we celebrated our branch’s achievements, and welcomed in prosperity and abundance for all.

The session included rousing speeches by our esteemed CEO, Hong Tau, CCO, Swei Ter and Branch Director, Samuel Seah. Thanks to them, the team was motivated and inspired to take on the Year of the Rabbit with renewed vigour.

It is also important to take some time to recognise our team members’ dedication and commitment. We are proud of our TOP Achievers in 2022, who rose to the occasion and let their hard work pay off. Our branch is fortunate to have a tight-knitted community of people who collectively work together to make SKYS a place where the SKY’S the limit. We look forward to a new year full of success for all.